im here watching some educational videos for my students on HIV, relationships, and drugs and stumble across one with two actors from orange is the new black…. small world these films are from like 2005. Nice too see they were doing positive things with their acting careers from early. 


Y’all hoes soulless


h o r n y
h  o  r  n  y
h   o   r   n   y
h    o    r    n    y
h     o     r     n     y
h      o      r      n      y
h       o       r       n       y
h        o        r        n        y
h         o         r         n         y
h          o          r          n          y
h           o           r           n           y
h            o            r            n            y
h             o             r             n             y

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Chris Tucker hitting that Shmoney Dance

Time is definitely moving fast but I’m humbled and I thank God for me reaching 24yrs of life. #birthday #24 #kobe